How Can You Use Bad Ratings To Boost Your Business?

An office soon became overcome with fear, embarrassment, and rage after reading a neutral or unfavorable Google My Business or Facebook comment. How could somebody damage the five-star reputation? How are we going to get over this? How may we react or perhaps return the favor?

The worry starts to creep in: will our rivals read it, or worse still, did they write it? Our office has received several calls from frantic clients asking for our rapid assistance to remove an offensive review. Even while negative reviews can be unpleasant, especially if they are personal or disparaging of a product or member of staff, they are not necessarily harmful to business and may even help your company's internet profile.

So, before you press the delete button, continue reading to learn how to make use of your 4.5-star rating.


Safeguarding the values your brand represents

Imagine how annoyed you would be if you were a customer who took the time to write an honest evaluation of a good or service and then discovered that it had been deleted.

Consumers like assisting other potential buyers in making purchasing decisions. They also feel compelled to assist brands in raising the quality of their services; in most cases, this implies they want you to succeed because they want to do business with you again.

Remember the adage "the customer is always right"? If a company is resistive to input, it may be a major turn-off. In light of this, whenever you receive a review, take the time to respond politely, thoughtfully, and in keeping with your brand's core principles. Even while it could be tempting to respond with humor in the face of criticism, stay away from word battles. Customers, both present and future, will notice that you have made an effort to comprehend their criticism and are pleased to establish contact with them. A devoted repeat client may even feel forced to post a more uplifting review in response to a marginally unfavorable one. Onlookers will have faith that they will be treated fairly, and we are all aware of the importance of trust in the purchasing process.


Being genuine when online

Unfortunately, some companies and service providers violate the regulations and fabricate their ratings. They go as far as to pay contractors to write a review for the company, even if they have never used their products or services.

The appeal of a company with several 5-star evaluations and a flawless evaluation sheet begins to feel a little suspect now that buyers are aware of this dishonest procedure.

A genuine mixture of real-life experiences enables the customer to form an objective opinion about whether or not they would like to purchase from you. Because nobody is flawless. Your clients will be able to observe the "worst case scenario" and how you handle it, according to Neil Patel.


Reviews are adored by search engines

Recent research by shows that third-party evaluations had a significant impact on ranking variables, having a nearly 50% influence. In their yearly review of local search ranking effects in 2020, a group of Search Marketers ranked the value of review ratings and a company's review count at number eight.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to get as many testimonials from a wide range of clients as you can. Don't be frightened of receiving constructive criticism; I was always told at work that it's a gift since it helps us improve, and that advice appears to apply to business-to-consumer search marketing as well.

Feedback is a boon for content marketers in addition to being helpful for improved efficiency and product development. Reviews are a quick and valuable way to gather generated media that can be utilised on your sites, blogs, social media, and newsletters. We often discuss the importance of earned media.


The following phases for your marketing plan

Make sure reviews are a part of your continuous marketing plan if you want to capitalise on their influence. To determine where you stand in the review management process and how you could advance this component of your marketing strategy, utilize our template for "5 Steps to Marketing Maturity." Consider:

Which platforms are available for collecting reviews? Could there be any more?


- How can we entice or reward our consumers for leaving reviews?


- On what platforms may a call for reviews be broadcast?


- How do we internally respond to reviews in a timely and effective manner?


- How can we gauge how much site traffic reviews affect?

- Where else can we post our reviews for public consumption?



At Recharge Trendd Setter, we manage online reputations for businesses, develop marketing plans, and develop automated assessment systems. Please get in contact with us to find out more about how we can help you with online review gathering.



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